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A Perfect Alternative to AmazonSmile: Make My Donations' New Fundraising Plugin

This article explores Make My Donations, Inc.'s new fundraising plugin as a perfect alternative to AmazonSmile, which recently shut down. The plugin integrates seamlessly with any website in minutes, supporting over 2.5 million US-based and 87,000 Canadian charities. It highlights the advantages of Make My Donations' enhanced customization and integration options and introduces's suite of Charity APIs that support over 2000 global fundraising applications. Learn more at
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Introducing the Perfect Alternative to AmazonSmile

With the recent shutdown of AmazonSmile, many nonprofits are searching for effective alternatives to continue supporting their causes. Make My Donations, Inc. has introduced a new fundraising plugin that is an excellent replacement. This plugin can be seamlessly added to any website in minutes, enabling business owners and individuals to support over 2.5 million US-based and 87,000 Canadian charities. Unlike AmazonSmile, this plugin offers enhanced customization and integration options, making it easy for organizations to engage donors and raise funds directly from their websites. By leveraging the Make My Donations fundraising plugin, nonprofits can fill the gap left by AmazonSmile and continue to thrive.

Enhancing Fundraising with Make My Donations' New Plugin

This new tool simplifies the process of integrating donation capabilities into existing websites and provides a broad reach, ensuring that charitable contributions can support a wide range of organizations. It's designed to enhance user experience, streamline donation processes, and maximize the impact of every contribution. Business owners can boost their corporate social responsibility efforts, while supporters can continue making a difference with their everyday actions. In a time of transition for many nonprofits, Make My Donations' new fundraising plugin stands out as a robust and versatile solution, ensuring that charitable giving remains strong and effective.

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