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Empowering Philanthropy: Spave Partners with OrgHunter to Revolutionize Charitable Giving through FinTech

This article discusses the partnership between Spave, a financial app that combines spending, saving, and giving, and OrgHunter, a charity database and API provider. The collaboration enhances Spave’s app by integrating OrgHunter’s extensive charity database, allowing users to donate to over 1.5 million vetted charities seamlessly. The partnership aims to make charitable giving a routine part of financial transactions, maximizing the impact of donations and positioning Spave as a leader in integrating philanthropy with daily financial activities.
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Spave, the pioneering financial app that blends spending, saving, and charitable giving, has recently entered into a strategic partnership with OrgHunter, a leader in charity database and API services. This collaboration is set to enhance Spave’s philanthropic capabilities, enabling users to make more informed, impactful donations seamlessly through their everyday financial activities.

The integration of OrgHunter’s comprehensive charity API into Spave’s app means that users now have access to an extensive network of over 1.5 million charities. This feature not only simplifies the donation process but also ensures transparency and trust, as users can choose from a wide range of vetted nonprofits. With each transaction, Spave users can round up purchases to the nearest dollar, directing the difference to their charity of choice, thus embedding philanthropic action into routine spending.

Furthermore, this partnership magnifies the effectiveness of each donation made via Spave. By leveraging OrgHunter’s robust database, Spave ensures that donations reach legitimate and effective organizations, maximizing the social impact of every dollar contributed. This aligns perfectly with the growing consumer demand for brands and services that contribute to societal well-being and offers a powerful tool for users who wish to make philanthropy a core part of their financial strategy.

The collaboration between Spave and OrgHunter is a significant step towards redefining how technology can facilitate more substantial, sustained charitable giving. It positions Spave as a leader in the financial-tech space, particularly in making charitable engagements as straightforward and habitual as daily banking transactions. This initiative underscores Spave’s commitment to harnessing the power of every individual’s finances to foster a better world, making it a quintessential platform for anyone looking to integrate giving into their financial life seamlessly.

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